Two out of three new product launches fail.

Why is CPG product innovation still so risky?
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Why do new products fail?

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Relying on Intuition

Without reliable or timely data, leaders are forced to rely on their gut instincts.
Inaccurate Shopper Data

Inaccurate Shopper Data

Customer preferences and even volume forecasts are often determined based on claimed data rather than actual purchase behavior.
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Slow Feedback Loops

Existing testing methods can take months to provide answers.
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Costly Post-Launch Fixes

It costs 10 times more to fix a product after launch, and rescue doesn't always work.
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What if?

You could sleep at night knowing that you have identified and fixed the issues that could sabotage your launch—messaging, merchandising, and marketing are all in check.
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You need...

Real-time transactional research that de-risks and optimizes your launch for success.
Real- time data reduces  risks in your product launch and builds a foundation for success.

Assess Opportunities and whitespaces

Prioritize your upstream ideas

Improve messaging, marketing, and pricing

Identify easy-to-miss product weakness

Drive more effective retailer sell-in

Four roads to risk

Are you tired of launching new products that fail? Avoid these four risky roads that lead to failure.

Piecemeal testing

Separately testing messaging, design, and pricing doesn’t fit the unified way consumers experience your new product

Outdated research tools

Using 40-year-old tools can create a distorted view of the market

Opinions over proof

Expert marketers have good instincts, but even the best can misunderstand the market.

Skimping on research

Budget constraints and staffing limits can result in skipping research to meet deadlines
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Transactional Testing: The key to unlocking success.

How Labs Accelerates Each Stage of the Innovation Funnel

The Process

In online transactional testing, shoppers buy real products in real-world conditions on retail websites like and - and on DTC websites. 
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Opportunity Identification

Uncover potential new markets and product ideas through analysis of search, shopper, and sales data.
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Screen for the most promising ideas with simulated but highly realistic digital shopping experiences.
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Determine market potential and ensure readiness with 360-degree Digital Test Market research.

Unlock the power of a transactional market research with Bold Labs

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